Power Flush Kit for all models



Now you can bleed hydraulic braking and clutch systems like the pros with a POWER BLEEDER™ from EGR Performance Brakes.

With a POWER BLEEDER™ one person can easily, safely, and quickly bleed the Brake system. The POWER BLEEDER™ works just like professional pressure bleeders used at the dealership-- at a fraction of the cost.

Here's how it works: A tank containing fresh brake fluid is connected to the fluid reservoir on your vehicle and pressurized with air from a hand pump (our precision pressure gauge ensures that the brake system is not damaged due to excessive pressure). When one of the bleed valves on the vehicle is opened, old contaminated brake fluid is expelled as new fluid from the tank is forced into the system.

Bleeding has never been easier. There's no need for a helper to constantly pump the pedal while you open and close the bleed valves. Eliminates the possibility of Aerating the ABS manifold, Master Cylinder or Clutch unit. OEM’s Recommend that Brake Fluid should be Flushed every Two Years to Prevent Rust, Corrosion and Contamination from effecting Expensive ABS components.

      · Pressure bleeding provides the best results, especially on ABS equipped models.
      · The POWER BLEEDER's™ heavy duty tank holds up to 2 quarts of fluid, enough to fully flush and
        clean the hydraulic system without the need to refill the tank.
     · Our precision pressure gauge prevents over pressurization and our custom machined adapter securely
       attaches to the fluid reservoir for the safest and most effective operation.
      · The hand-operated pump is built in-no other pressure source (air compressor) is needed.
      · Fast, easy and reliable one-person operation. Works on hydraulic clutch systems, too.
      · Specify vehicle model for proper reservoir cover/cap. Rectangle and round available to fit all styles of brake
       and clutch reservoirs.

Flush Special!
Order a POWER BLEEDER SYSTEM now and receive: Four Bottles (2) Liters of Motul 5.1 ABS Synthetic Brake Fluid, POWER BLEEDER™ Tank unit and you’ll get Two Sets of Speed Bleeder Screws & Brake Fluid Catch Bag! All for only $149.95. A Savings of over $40.00!

Power Brake Flush Kit
$149.95 per Kit ($40.00 savings)

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